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Ariat Rebar Flex Review – 6” Composite Toe Work Boot

Hello there, welcome to another awesome review done by yours truly me! The guy that runs this site. The boot review show! This time I am doing the Ariat Rebar Flex Review.

You are looking at the Rebar 6 inch flex comp toe by Ariat. Duratread outsole, anatomical last for true fit, injected lateral support cage and many more. I love this one!

The Ariat Rebar Flex is super lightweight. Very stylish. The description says that it’s a game changer. Is it a game changer?

Yes! it is. When you think of the whole line of Ariat boots, this does make it a game changer. It’s not only lightweight but also one of the most flexible boot money can buy.

It’s comp toe, it’s non-metallic and looks very stylish also it is armed with the Duratread sole. A pretty nice deal, don’t you think?

Ariat Rebar Flex Review

So, let’s start with the Ariat Work Men’s Rebar Flex 6” Composite Toe Work Boot Review.

Ariat Mens Rebar Flex 6 inch Waterproof Work Boot Industrial
  • Waterproof leather in key protection and support areas combined with rugged mesh panels
  • 100% non-metallic
  • Anatomical last for true fit
  • Injected lateral support cage
  • Forefoot flex notch

Duratread Sole

Let’s start at the bottom. Duratread rubber. You can find this on a lot of Ariat Boots. It is awesome when it comes to slipping resistance and shedding out dirt and mud.

Because of the way they chamfer the edges on the sole, you kick this thing against any hard surface and the mud would shed right off if it’s caked in there.

No dirt on the sole compound!

Not only that, Duratread is also a nice long wearing sole and it’s very forgiving when it comes to abrasion.

Who Is This For?

So, if you are a delivery guy which is who this boot is really built for.

I loved this one because of its sleek looking style btw.

Guys at FedEx, UPS or any company, guys that delivers all the time, walk 10 miles, in and out of trucks and who have to go from different surfaces, this boot is actually engineered for you guys.

Lightweight & Design

It’s flexible, comp toe and it’s got all these new types of materials added to one classic shape of a classic work boot.

Work boot I say?

Yes. Just look at it. It certainly has the shape of a classic work boot. If you see how far the laces go down, the way it laces and the shape of these Ariat Rebar Flex boots, this is definitely a work boot.


It is updated with all the latest materials. So, about the actual construction of these boots, Ariat uses materials that we haven’t seen them using in any other of their boots yet.

For example, the 3d injected type molded sides. The use of the rubber guard material over the toe with a nice rubber type material in the heel cup and with all of these ripstop type mesh that they have interlace throughout the whole boot and also there is that rubber guard in front of the lace guard.

Ariat knows who will wear these boots. They have made it that way. It will be worn by guys who will actually tie their shoes tight. A boot this light needs all these protection. Who knows, some will jump, climb or even go for a hike with these boots.

The ripstop material is there to make sure those laces are going to cutting into the top of your foot. Extra padding and extra protection mean that you’ll be getting a lot of service life out of these boots.

Ariat Mens Rebar Flex 6 inch Waterproof Work Boot Industrial

Composite Toe

You know what these mean? In and out of metal detectors. Guys at the federal buildings, guys at the airport, guys at the State buildings, you don’t have to take your boots off.

If you are required to wear safety shoes and if you are working in and out of these buildings, you can leave your shoes on.

That actually is a complaint that most of you guys have. I hear this a lot. When it comes to working in a state or federal buildings, they have to take their shoes off.

Ariat knows your problem and they made these boots.

Defined Heel

Back to the Ariat Rebar Composite Toe Work Boots, it is a defined heel that means you can actually lock into a ladder rung or into the step of your truck.

It’s not a full inch defined heel but it is defined. Savvy. You can feel it when you stop your foot on a rung and that’s also a really nice touch.

Most of the time what we see in lightweight boots that they don’t define the heel. They just feed it in some sort of archetype pattern. But, that’s not the case on this boot. It has a nice stop section that actually stops.

Comfort & Fit

It is an EVA midsole so that means this boot is going to be extremely shock resistant and forgiving. EVA is a very nice material. It has a good amount of energy return.

So, when you are walking 10+ miles a day doing deliveries, doing baggage handling, doing deicing, whatever you are doing wherever you are at, this is the perfect footwear for you.

If you have to walk a lot, squat a lot, bend a lot, whatever you gotta do, EVA is a great material to have underneath your foot.

Now, if you mix this midsole with the duratread sole which is a hard rubber sole, and use a 4LR insole, your feet will be pretty comfortable.

The insole that Ariat gives you is one of a kind. I have heard high praises about these insoles. They use nice comfortable material and are very long lasting.

About the fitting, it is very forgiving. Because of the composite toe, the makers of these boots have more control over the shape and size. It’s not a general shape but you are going to get a lot of room inside.

Remember, inside the boot, you will have a big insole. You might be thinking that it will get a little tight.

You don’t have to actually worry about the fit. It’s Ariat. They took that into consideration. They understand what’s going on inside their boots. When they build and design something, they are thinking about you guys and how will feel after 12-15 hour day.


When you pull the insole out, it’s not a hard footboard, it’s a soft EVA footboard. It has a polyester cloth coating over it. So, it’s not going to be the ideal boot for somebody who has to wear a doctor prescribed orthotic.

This boot is all about soft and comfortable. This boot is actually closer to an actual basketball shoe or a running shoe than it is to a work boot.

Wrapping It Up

That’s the Ariat Rebar Flex Review. If you already own a pair of these or thinking of buying one, make sure you let us know what type of work you will be doing wearing these boots.

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