Carolina Logger work Boots Review

Carolina Logger Boots Review – Best Performing Work Boots For Loggers

In this article, we are going to be reviewing one of the top performing logger boots made by Carolina. The reason why made this Carolina Logger boots review article is because they are tough, durable and well known for their flexible design.

Carolina Boot Company is known for making four styles of exceptional boots. All four of these styles are made in America.

They are the logger boots, lineman boots, engineering boots (you might call them motorcycle boots) and eight-inch mock toe wedge sole boots. All four of these boots made by Carolina are exceptionally beautiful.

Carolina Logger Boots Review

We’re talking about the Carolina loggers also known as the Carolina Men’s 8” Steel Toe Loggers Boot. This one really pushes the bar in terms of design, quality and performance.

Men's Carolina 8" Steel Toe Loggers Boot
  • Steel Toe
  • Steel Shank
  • 100% Waterproof Construction
  • Electrical Hazard Rated
  • One Piece Rubber Lug Outsole

First Impression

Out of the box, this logger boot looks beautiful. It feels really good – it feels like you’re actually holding a leather boot and not something that’s like you know has a vinyl or a plastic feel.

You can even feel the oil in this boot as you rub your hands across it. That is pretty synonymous with Carolina because they usually really oil up their boots before sending them out feeling and looking really good.

Finest Quality Leather

The Carolina logger boots are constructed from the finest quality leather. This boot features full grain black leather. There are other designs available. This boot has a single piece logger sole with a full 90-degree angle in that sole.


This boot is 100% waterproof with a membrane and the leather is also treated with mink oil. So you know, you’re gonna get a lot of wear of this boot before you have to start thinking about retreating it with mink oil.

This boot isn’t insulated but they do have a lining. Thanks to their leather lined welt construction, you won’t find a better waterproof boot on the market. It’s almost the same quality as the Kodiak Thane boots. Why not check that out?

Even in harsh environments, you know your feet will remain comfortable and dry.


These Carolina steel toe boots are perfect for the job, tough on the outside, comfortable on the inside. For extra comfort, it has Cushy EVA insole. This boot has a fully welded construction system so that the welt ties this single piece sole altogether.

Easy To Lace

Carolina does a really nice job with all their brass eyelets. They also do that single piece machine brass B lace that’s really easy to lace up as you’re sitting on top of the boot zigzagging them.

Steel Shank

The nice thing about this single piece sole is that it also has a steel shank. A steel shank is extremely important when you’re climbing a pole or a ladder. This steel shank comes handy for lineman works.

Suppose you’re climbing up ladders or not but when you got to do some lineman work or when you got to climb 90 feet up a pole that steel shank and the hard sole will give you all the support you need at those heights. Speaking of lineman works, why not check out these cool lineman boots.


Getting in and out of this boot is comfortable thanks to its soft mesh lining and some cushioning on the footbed.

Who Is This For?

Men's Carolina 8' Steel Toe Loggers Boot

Now the guys who mainly buy this boot are usually guys going to lineman school or do logger works. Many heavy construction workers also prefer this boot.

We know in the city, there’s not as much pole climbing as there is out in the rural areas. There are a lot of bucket trucks and a lot of cherry pickers to do the climbing.

Many of them still buy this boot because this boot is extremely comfortable once you break it in.

Things We Liked About This
  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Sturdy steel shank for stability.
  • Best waterproof logger boots on the market.
  • Welt construction for durability.
  • Superior traction and excellent grip.

Tips For Breaking In

When it comes to breaking in a pair of loggers, we’ve been told all kinds of old ways of breaking them in like getting them soaked and then taking a walk in them.

Also doing things and doing that, if those methods work for you than that work for you.

But we have found the best way to break in a pair of these boots is “slowly”. Just hit it slowly, do a few hours and take it off and go put something else on. Give it a day or two and then put it back on.

Don’t rush, slowly break this boot in. Feet are important. They make you money, so don’t hurt your feet by trying to get this thing softened up and ready to work in.

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You can also check out this article to know more about making shoes comfortable.

Okay, so far you got everything you need in a great pair of logger boot like comfort, stability, traction, and toughness. So, what’s the downside of these Carolina Logger Boots?

The Only Downside Of Carolina Loggers…

The only bad part I can point out about this Carolina logger boot is that it’s not easier on the pocket.

The price reflects that because when you see this boot on the wall next to one of the other big companies, you know you are looking at one high-end boot.

  • Have a look

Final Thoughts

If you got any good stories about this Carolina logger boot or any other logger work boots or you to get any good information that could help a guy buy a pair of logger boots because you’re working in the field and you wear these things daily please comment below. Hope you liked our Carolina logger boots review article if you liked it don’t forget to share.