Welcome to Boot Review Show. Made by some boot enthusiasts. You may also call us The Boot Guys. We love what we do. That is wearing a new pair of boots & reviewing them.

Boots! They say each pair has its unique characteristics. Not all of them out there will suit you. You need to feel the connection. See what each pair has to offer. Make the decision based on research, design and a touch of admiration.

What Do We do?

We do reviews. That’s it. Unbiased. No sponsor content whatsoever. We don’t like big names pushing a worthless piece of junk to consumers.

That’s why the goal of our team is to review the only the best boots out there for you guys. Before actually buying a pair, make sure you visit our site and see if any pair peaked your interest.

Not only we do reviews, but we also share boot care tips like how to break in a pair of rough and tough leather or what to do when the upper gets torn and stuff like that.

Heck, we even got all the accessories part covered. From glues to laces and even socks. Rest assured, we are not stopping here. We’ve barely scratched the surface. 

Make The Best Choice For Your Work

From logging to construction, we review them for each of your needs. Hop on and let us show what we are talking about. 

For Loggers, we’ve got just the right pair of boots that you’ll be interested in. 

Best Logger Boots Reviews For Men 2018

If you are into paramedics and need some flexible, comfortable and waterproof boots, you might be interested in this one.

Best Ems Boots For First Responders

Need some glues to repair your boots, relax. We got you covered. 

Best Glue For Shoe. Fix any boot in a zippy. 

Review By Brands with a Tips & Resource Section

It won’t be fair if I do not mention some of the big names out there. I mean, it’s a site that reviews boots. So, to name a few –

Wolverine, Caterpillar, Red Wing, Carolina, Danner, Harley Davidson, Chippewa, Adtec, Georgia… and the list goes on. 

Didn’t find what you are looking for? That’s understandable because there are a lot of boots out there. 

If quite impossible for us to cover them all, but hey! Don’t worry. If you need to know about a particular type of boot, feel free to contact us via the contact us page.

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