Best Socks for Sweaty Feet

Best Socks for Sweaty Feet in Boots

You clean your feet, wash your socks, try out every known method for not sweating in boots but still end up sweating.

Well, you are not paying attention in the right place.

Wear proper socks! That’s right. Cleaning isn’t enough. You need to get the best socks for sweaty feet in boots to prevent sweating and smelly feet.

Granted that you take proper care of your boots, take them off to get some air flow going and even use foot powder.

But, none of that matters unless you pick the right socks.

Every day you end up with damp and stinky socks. That’s embarrassing. Maybe it’s some genetic disorder or your health condition to blame.

But, that’s not likely the case. You see, most of the time the culprit is most likely your poor choice in socks. Sometimes there is some misconception about washing socks can stay away from cleaning socks regularly. It can cause sweaty and smelly feet.

Now that you know what’s causing your feet to sweat, relax a bit, spend a couple of minutes reading this piece of article. As I go through different socks material, what to wear and what to avoid.

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Common Sweaty Foot Mistakes 101: Sock Materials

I bet most of the socks in your drawer are made from cotton. I know these are very popular, but they are a poor choice for sweaty feet.

Sure, cotton is light, comfortable and all that. But, moisture absorbed by cotton fibers gets stuck inside rather than evaporating back in the air. This causes heating which means more sweat, odor, and bacteria.

Don’t throw away your cotton socks yet. You’ll still need them in winter. Now, that being said, which socks will you use now?

Three words: Moisture wicking socks.

This is the solution to your sweaty feet problem. There are lots of socks that have wicking property. Have a look at some of the best sock for sweaty feet in boots in this summer.

Best Sock Materials For Sweaty Feet

Having wicking property means moisture will be drawn out from the surface of your skin and get released into the air. It will keep your feet and fibers dry.

Let’s talk about the top 5 natural and synthetic fibers with wicking properties.

  1. Merino Wool Socks

Merino wool is light, insulating and soft. The most important feature of them all is its anti-microbial properties. You could say it’s a natural wonder.

Wool makes a great choice for socks. Unlike cotton, it won’t keep moisture trapped or make your feet hot. It can absorb up to 30% moisture of its own weight without making your feet hot.

It’s also thicker than cotton, insulated better, has good breathability and dries quickly. Need I say more?

  1. Coolmax Socks

This moisture-wicking fabric was developed by DuPont in 1386. It’s a polyester based technical fabric that’s specifically designed to move perspiration away from feet.

This one of a kind quality liner socks are fade and shrink resistant. It’s often combined with Nylon, Spandex, Lycra, and Durofil. Coolmax is best used during extreme physical application. There are different types of socks for everyday use.

These were engineered to reduce friction and improve breathability. They also have good cushioning and perfect for sweaty feet.

  1. Drymax Socks

Drymax, a brand of socks that are specially designed and engineered for keeping your feet dry and cool. These Drymax socks can pull sweat and heat away from skin 23 times faster than air.

There is an anti-microbial treatment infused with the fiber at the molecular level. Don’t worry; this treatment is completely non-toxic. These fibers have so-called active odor control.

A combination of polyester, olefin, elastane, and nylon all gathered together to enhance athletic performance and prevent blisters. It will also keep your feet from sweating too much.

These socks don’t get stiff, shrink or lose shape. They have a comfortable springiness to them.

  1. Under Armour socks

Under Armour, one of the most popular brands in the Shoe industry. They also specialize in making socks that are valued for their padding, slip resistance and support.

UA socks are designed to accelerate evaporation and wick away moisture. One downside of UA socks is that they are not very durable. Mostly made from acrylic, polyester, and spandex. Good for sweaty feet but long-lasting. Hey, if you are a big fan of this brand, be my guest and try them out.

BTW, did you know that we have 250000 sweat glands our feet?

  1. Liner Socks

Polyester (synthetic) sock liner aka liner socks are usually worn inside traditional socks. They wick away sweat from your feet and keep it locked in the sock.

These are thin synthetic liners usually worn with wool blend outer socks. Thin liner socks are a popular solution for sweaty feet. When all else fails, they got you covered.

Liner socks help reduce foot odor, keep your feet dry, offer comfort and also prevent skin maceration.

These were my top 5 picks for socks material. There are also other criteria used to determine the best socks for your sweaty feet. But these are the most important ones.

Additional Tips

The wrong type of socks and damp conditions inside your shoe promotes sweaty feet. Here are some additional tips to prevent that.

  1. Always take a clean pair of socks with you. Make sure to change them during the day.
  2. Wear clean socks and use foot powder twice a day.
  3. Wash your socks thoroughly. After washing them, rinse your socks in an antiseptic solution and finally let them air dry.
  4. Make sure you wear only clean, non-occlusive, breathable shoes. Try to avoid hard leather boots if you can unless you do some heavy-duty jobs.
  5. Mesh or canvas shoes are preferred. On alternate days try to wear a different pair of shoes. Same goes for your socks. Give your shoes the time to air dry.
  6. If you wear boots on work, try to use Goretex boots. If you sweat in them, go for non-waterproof boots without a membrane.
  7. Clean your foot pads if possible. They can help fight smell causing bacteria.
  8. If you have got some money to spare, consider investing in a shoe or a boot dryer. You’ll thank me later.

If you still have sweating problems, you might want to consider consulting with a Dermatologist. However, if the problem lies in your wrong selection of socks, try changing them. Who knows, it might just work.

These are my top favorite materials which can be found only in the best socks for sweaty feet. Let me know which one worked out for you in the comments below.

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